DIY Wood Slice Centrepieces & Decor

If your style is rustic and you want your home decor revealing this, this spring decor idea is for you. Although it requires a bit of physical effort, the result of this DIY Wood Slice Centrepieces would be certain to have your guests talking & wanting to know more! 

You are going to need a few tools for this one, but keep in mind that this DIY doesn’t have to be perfect — a bit of rustic touch will actually add to the look of this handmade home decor project.

For this project you will need:

  • Large Fallen tree branch, stump, or pre-cut wood slices
  • Stain, paint, oil, wax or topcoat
  • 120-220 grit sandpaper
  • Hand saw or circular saw

Begin by choosing a thick tree branch that has already fallen onto the ground (do not rip one off of a live tree). You will want to take the branch home and rinse it well with a hose. You will want to allow the branch to fully dry before you start cutting it. Once your branch is fully dry, you can clamp either side of the branch to a board that you do not care about damaging or place it in a secure spot for cutting. You will now put on your safety gear & take a hand saw (or circular saw) and carefully cut your slices!

Ensure that your wood slices are fully dry. Once your slices are cut you can sand the flat surfaces lightly with a 100 grit sandpaper followed by a 150 grit to smooth the surface out. 

Lastly you can add stain, paint, finishing oil, wax or topcoat to your tree slices.

If you are unable to access tools or live in an area that you are unable to find fallen branches, you can always go to a local WoodMill or purchase “pre-cut wood slices” online and add your own creative touch to them! 

Depending on the size of branch or stump you find, you can style these in all sorts of different ways. Consider adding them to your bedroom as a tray for your jewelry or change. You could also use them as coasters in your living room, small wood accents on your bathroom shelves,  candle holders or even as a serving board for those beloved charcuterie dates! Only use these to serve food if you sealed the surface with food safe oils/products. (Bees wax, tung oil - made from nuts, raw linseed oil Mineral Oil, Walnut Oil). 

Decorate your wood slices with hand painted names, designs, stencils, vinyl, stickers and more!