DIY Spring Home Decor

Spring Flowering 

Placing flowers in your home is the ultimate way to brighten up your space and bring it to life. Do you ever walk into someone's home and think “Wow this is beautiful!”. Yep, we have to. 

When we think back to the most beautiful spaces we have seen, we’ll notice that there was generally always greenery or florals. Incorporating plants into your home is not only beautiful, but it is also good for the air surrounding you!

While cut flowers at the store may cost a tonne and perish super quickly, there are other solutions to obtain a more lasting look with the flowers you buy. Rather than buying pre-cut flowers, consider purchasing bulbs or plants. Bulbs require little maintenance to flourish and some can last up to 12 months inside before needing to be planted. You would need to start this bulb process before the spring season if you want to have them bloom by Easter. 

When choosing plants for your home, ask your local nursery which flowers or greenery would be best for your specific needs. You may want to consider starting an Herb Garden as that could be a very useful way to incorporate life into your space that will serve you! Ensure that the plants you choose are not too high maintenance and that you are educated on how to care for them. If you have pets, ensure that the plants you are buying are safe to have around animals.

You will be so surprised at how the addition of a few fresh plants & flowers can lighten your mood and brighten your space!