Eco-Friendly Spring Home Decor

For a lot of people, springtime is about getting your space prepped for the warmer weather.

Whether its getting back outside to care for your garden, or decorating the indoors with family & friends - we’ve got you covered with these Eco-Friendly Spring Decor Ideas!

Spring provides you with a variety of fun and elegant handmade home decor options, without needing to break the bank or even leave your home.

If you’ve already started on your Spring cleaning, think of what items you could re-purpose to create some new decor for your home.

Consider bright colours, florals, baskets, plants & anything else that makes you smile and puts a spring in your step! *wink*

There is definitely something special about finding an old piece of *whatever* laying around your house and transforming it into something new, useful & beautiful! 

Decorating is also a great way for parents with kids to keep their little ones engaged. 

Kids love to help & create, so including them in these projects would be fun and exciting!

Ready to enjoy a greener spring with little effort? 

Let’s get started!

Candy & Cookie (Goodie) Jars
Umbrella bouquet
Wood Slice Decor
Cement Planters
Planting in the Early Spring
Antique Flower Display
The Takeaway