DIY Seasonal Wreaths

Tweak Old Decorations

Before you take down old decorations and put them into a bin, think about the various ways they can be tweaked to provide your home with decor for the next season! You can come up with new ideas depending on the decorative items currently in your possession.

Consider taking a basic Christmas Wreath and making it “Fall” themed, mixing and matching little candles & vases, or blankets and pillows. Just because something is green or red doesn’t mean it is only allowed to come out at Christmas!

Hanging a wreath on your door is the perfect way to brighten your entrance and leave a lasting impression on visitors. You can purchase a generic wreath at your local Dollar-store (or Craft Store) and fill it with little items found inside & outside of your home!
Decorated Easter eggs can sit firmly in the wreath with a ribbon bow atop. You can poke holes into the backside of the decorative eggs (or other decors) and slide a thin wire cording through the holes to secure them into your wreath. If you grow flowers or tulips, consider gathering them in various colors and adding them to the wreath with some pinecones and leaves before placing the wreath on the door for a nice fresh look.
If you want to keep your door free from decor, this DIY Wreath can be laid flat as a centerpiece for your table or hung in front of your favorite window!
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