Handmade Home - Become A Vendor

At Handmade Home Co., our goal is to make selling furniture & home decor online easier for creators. We provide a high-end platform that is dedicated to only handmade home furnishings, allowing artists products to shine and not get lost in oversaturated marketplaces. Our owner is a furniture artist herself, so you can rest assured that artist concerns are always our top priority!

Customers looking for high-quality furniture and home decor at a reasonable price often don’t know where to turn other than big-box stores. Ultimately, we want Handmade Home Co. to become the go-to place for one-of-a-kind home furnishings, where people can save money and receive unique, quality work while supporting independent businesses. We receive over 1200 visitors to our site every month. This is a result of our successful SEO and marketing campaigns, which have resulted in improved organic rankings and increased brand visibility.

Our Vendors can have peace of mind knowing that we're here to make selling their work online easier on them. We not only support and promote their work throughout our social media pages, but we also email our subscribers directly to let them know about the artists and the pieces they have available. Our team takes care of all the tough aspects of the business like web design, shipping and advertising so that artists don't have to worry about the stress of configuration. Our goal is to give artists more time to work on their craft.

At Handmade Home Co. we do not require our Vendors to sell with us exclusively. However, we do ask that the individual items you list on our platform be sold solely through our platform for 90 days. The products listed with us can be displayed on other sites as long as they link back to your HHC listing & are sold through our platform. If you have an item that is not listed on our platform, you are more than welcome to list it elsewhere. The listing can be removed at no charge if it does not sell within the 90-day exclusivity period.

We want to leave your business up to you, so there is no minimum number of listings to stay on this platform. Of course, we hope that you’ll want to list as many items with us as possible!

Artists keep over 70% of the list price. 

Here at HHC we pride ourselves on being able to provide artists with transparent pricing. We have carefully curated 3 Tiers. There are no hidden fees, shipping fees, or listing fees. 

Our Fee:

  Furniture Tier                             Home Decor Tier                         Influencer Tier

          Free                                               Free                                             Free

28% commission fee                18% commission fee                18% commission fee

Every Tier includes: Promotion on Social Media Pages, Shipping, drop off & pick-up configuration, Personal shop page, Custom commission requests are available, Exclusive Discount for Booths at Future HHC Events

Influencer Tier: 10% lower commission fee & added to our Featured Artist Spotlight

We’ve worked hard to keep our rates below average while still providing our artists with a high-end platform that matches the quality of their work. Our company offers a wide range of services to artists such as shipping, custom commissions, marketing, and advertising. In the navigation bar & footer of our website there is a “Request a Commission”button/page so that customers can order custom pieces directly from you, allowing you to expand your business services.

Our 3 Tier System includes added incentives to reward artists for continuing to sell with us, and “Add-On” services for those looking to expand their reach.

To learn more, please visit our FAQ Page

Remember, that this is a collaboration. We encourage you to direct your clients to our site to buy your goods that are listed with us as we are still a new platform.

We want you to succeed and that is why we do everything in our power to make this process easier for you, and for your customers!


We are looking for artists on Handmade Home Co. who possess the following:

• Able to take clear, well-lit photos for listings

• Seal/protect all surfaces when applicable (Furniture, wood, signs, cutting boards, painted items, etc.)

Furniture Artists are asked to:

• sand paint lightly to remove brush strokes, drips & imperfections (unless creating a textured/cross-hatched piece). 

Prohibited Items/Listings: 

  • Soap    
  • Cream
  • Children’s Toys
  • Children’s Furniture
  • Any Items for Children


To become a Vendor with Handmade Home Co. fill out our Application Form, below, which will give us some information about yourself as an artist. We’ll also need some clear, well-lit photos of your current or past work. You can also include your social media handles so we can get a sense of your products. We accept applications from Canada & the USA. We are hoping to expand our services to more countries in the future.

If you are denied a spot on our website, donʼt fret! You can always read over what we are looking for in a Vendor and try applying again when you feel you are ready.