Handmade Home - Become A Vendor

At Handmade Home Co., our primary objective is to simplify the process of selling furniture and home decor online for creators. We have developed a premium platform exclusively dedicated to handmade home furnishings, ensuring that artists' products shine and do not get lost in oversaturated marketplaces. As the owner of Handmade Home Co. is a furniture artist herself, rest assured that artist concerns are always our top priority!

When customers seek high-quality furniture and home decor at reasonable prices, they often struggle to find alternatives beyond big-box stores. Ultimately, our vision for Handmade Home Co. is to become the go-to destination for one-of-a-kind home furnishings, where individuals can save money and acquire unique, quality pieces while supporting independent businesses. With over 1200 monthly visitors to our site, our successful SEO and marketing campaigns have led to improved organic rankings and increased brand visibility.

Our Vendors can have peace of mind knowing that we are here to make selling their work online easier for them. We provide extensive support and promotion through our social media channels, as well as direct emails to our subscribers, highlighting the artists and their available pieces. Our dedicated team handles the complexities of web design, shipping, and advertising, relieving artists from the stress of logistics. Our goal is to offer artists more time to focus on their craft.

At Handmade Home Co., we do not require exclusivity from our Vendors. However, we kindly request that individual items listed on our platform be exclusively sold through our platform for a period of 60 days. Vendors are welcome to display their products on other sites as long as those listings link back to their Handmade Home Co. listing and the actual sales take place through our platform. If a listed item does not sell within the 60-day exclusivity period, it can be removed from our platform at no charge.

Our 3 Tier Commission Based System includes additional incentives to reward artists for their ongoing partnership with us, as well as "Add-On" services for those looking to expand their reach.

We believe in giving you the freedom to manage your business, so there is no minimum requirement for the number of listings to remain on our platform. Of course, we encourage Vendors to list as many items with us as possible!

Artists keep over 70% of the list price!

At HHC, we take pride in providing artists with transparent pricing. We have carefully curated three pricing tiers, ensuring there are no hidden fees, shipping charges, or listing fees involved.



  • Promotion on Social Media Pages
  • Shipping, drop-off, and pick-up configuration
  • Personal shop page
  • Custom commission requests
  • Exclusive Discount for Booths at Future HHC Events


As an Influencer Tier member, your commission fee is only 18%. You will also be highlighted as one of our "Featured Artists." Additionally, if you refer a furniture or home decor artist to our platform and they successfully join, you will receive a 10% commission on their first sale.* You can earn commissions for up to 10 referrals.*


At Handmade Home Co., we offer the opportunity for customers to request custom furniture and home decor items from any artist on our platform. It's as easy as navigating to the "Custom Commissions" tab located at the top of our website and filling out the form provided. Once submitted, a member of the Handmade Home Co. team will promptly reach out to discuss the order details, ensuring that both the artist and client are satisfied with the design and quote. We strive to facilitate a seamless process, resulting in personalized creations that bring joy to our valued customers.


  • Capable of taking clear, well-lit photos for listings.
  • Seal or protect all applicable surfaces (furniture, wood, signs, cutting boards, painted items, etc.).
  • Lightly sand painted surfaces to remove brush strokes, drips, and imperfections (unless creating a textured/cross-hatched piece).

To become a Vendor with Handmade Home Co., simply fill out our Application Form below. This will provide us with some information about you as an artist. Please include clear, well-lit photos of your current or past work, and feel free to share your social media handles so we can get a sense of your products. We accept applications from Canada and the USA, with plans to expand our services to more countries in the future.

If your application is initially declined, don't worry! Take the opportunity to review our Vendor requirements and consider applying again when you feel ready.

For more information, please visit our FAQ Page.