DIY Cement Planters

These little DIY cement planters are such a fun and rewarding project to take on with the family. handmade home decor crafts can be so much fun to do and it is even better when the pieces can actually be used in your home!

For this DIY project you will need:

  • Cement mix 
  • Oil (as lubricant)
  • 2 containers of the same shape but different sizes (one fits inside the other leaving generous room)

One of the containers will be to hold your mixed cement and the other will go inside to create the opening for your plant. It is best to choose containers that have a bit of “give” to them, meaning that you can bend and kind of stretch the shape to release the cement once it is dry. You can use old plastic bowls or containers, Tupperware, kids sand toys, or whatever you can find that is not made of glass or wood!

Follow the instructions on the package and mix your cement. Take the bigger container and wipe down the entire inside with oil and your hands. You can use any natural oil; cooking oil, baby oil or coconut oil. You are essentially just trying to make the cement easier to de-mold once it is dry. Once the bigger container is oiled, you can pour your mixed cement into the container about 40-50% of the way up. Now, you will take your smaller container and oil the outside of it. Once that is done, you will push the smaller container into the middle of the bigger container to create your planters shape. Allow this to dry for the appropriate wait time directed on the cement package. Generally 2-6 hours will be suffice. 

After you have waited the full dry time, you can gently tap on the outside of the big planter to start to release the cement from the mold. You will have to play around with the container to release it. You will follow the same steps for the inner (small) container. You may have to use an X-Acto knife to cut the outer container off if you did not add enough oil prior to pouring the cement. 

That’s it! You have now created your very own DIY cement planter and can fill it up with your favourite plants. If you wish to add drainage, you can take a very small concrete drill bit and make your holes in the bottom of your planter. You will want to start with a small bit and gradually move up in size to avoid shattering the planter. 

If you want to add some flare; spray paint, chalk paint or craft paint is a fun way to get creative. Contrasting the cement with metallic
 tape or paint can really spice up the look of your planter. Tape off different shapes and designs to create something truly unique!

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