DIY Easter Egg Home Decor

Have you ever considered putting a hold on giving your home the makeover it deserves because of a tight budget?

It is time to reexamine that! As overwhelming as decor ideas can be, the cost of purchasing your dream decor items could be more challenging. These DIY spring home decor projects will keep your creativity on the high and save you money by using affordable products or items you already have at home!

Thinking up ideas may seem like a daunting task, but it doesn’t need to be difficult or cost an arm and a leg to have your home looking elegant. To ease you into the thrill of it all, we have provided you with ideas that would be both fun and easy to execute this Spring.

Easter Eggs for Display


Easter egg hunts & decorating eggs have been a tradition in most households for decades but it doesn't have to end there! Are you getting a little tired of the same old tie-dyed - egg marker decorating with the kids? Consider taking your Easter egg decorating to a whole new level this year. Think; Gold leaf, Twine, Paint, Ribbon, Sparkles, Metallic Paints & Texture! 

Grab some of those generic plastic eggs or foam eggs from the Dollar-store. If you want an levated look you can head to your local Craft Store and purchase wooden Easter Decor to stain or paint. The wooden pieces would be a bit more costly but will be a much more durable, lasting DIY decor project. 


Cover some of the eggs in paint, stain, ribbon, sparkles, or metallic paints. For a textured look use Gold leaf, Paint+Baking Soda, Twine, or PipeCleaners. The possibilities are endless, get creative! 

The eggs can be displayed in ways that leave the space looking elegant. Consider adding them to a weaved basket, a shallow bowl, placed on shelves, placed with fresh Potpourri, or in a Mason Jar with ferry lights.

What is even better is how little this DIY decoration would cost you in terms of money and time. Whether or not you're a DIY person, these decor ideas are suitable for everyone and can be done in minutes and with little expertise!