DIY Spring Home Decor

While it may not be too common to have an old bird cage laying around - this DIY handmade home decor Flower Display is an elegant & easy home decor idea that can easily be changed to match the flowing seasons!

Thankfully with all of the local buy & sell groups available, as well as the Dollar Store, little items such as a bird cage are actually really easy to find and generally inexpensive.

If you do not feel like spending going to the store, consider finding some local garage sales or digging around in the garage or kids toys to see if there is anything that you could upcycle in this same way! 

For this project you will need:

  • Metal/Plastic Bird Cage
  • Flowers (Faux, Freshly Cut, Potted)
  • Container to fit inside of enclosure
  • Floral Foam (if using faux flowers) 


  • Rocks, moss, twigs, greenery
  • Ferry lights

Once you have chosen your bird cage or item you will be decorating, you can paint it with spray paint or leave it as is depending on the style you are trying to achieve. If you purchased it from a resale group and believe it was used by a bird, ensure to wear gloves and a mask and clean the cage thoroughly before decorating. 

Freshly Cut Flowers:

Find a container that can fit into the cage and fill it with water. 
Place the stems of the cut flowers into the container with water. 

Faux Flowers: 

Cut your floral foam to a size that will fit into your enclosure. 
Stick your faux flowers & greenery into the foam to secure it into place. 

Potted Plant or Flowers: 

Choose a potted plant size will fit and grow nicely within your enclosure.
Consider putting a plastic or glass plate under the plant to avoid leakage. 

Consider adding rocks, artificial moss & twigs around the bottom of the cage for a fuller, more natural effect. Try putting some ferry lights in & around the cage to create a warm ambiance for those beautiful Spring evenings!

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