Handmade Home Co. is an online marketplace offering one-of-a-kind furniture & home decor created by independent artists. Our online store supports small business owners selling handmade furniture, refinished furniture, & handmade home decor. 
Handmade Home Co. is changing the way that homeowners shop for home furnishings online by reducing the environmental impact that purchasing mass-produced home furnishings can create. Handmade Home Co. supports independent artisans and small business owners in Canada & the USA who create or refinish furniture & home decor items. Our company helps small business owners reach a broader market while providing them with the necessary services to grow their businesses. Our team handles everything from shipping to marketing & advertising, allowing our artists more time to focus on their craft. 
With our quick & easy checkout, safe & secure payment process, and clear shipping prices, Handmade Home Co. makes shopping for unique furniture & home decor simple. Handmade Home Co. provides a unique, eco-conscious business solution to the home furnishings industry. By shopping with HHC, you are supporting the environment, the local economy, and small business owners. Our customers can feel confident that they are receiving truly unique pieces, made with quality materials. 
A study conducted by 2021 Green Home Furnishings Consumers has highlighted a notable trend among consumers, who are increasingly demonstrating heightened environmental consciousness. In response, a growing number of individuals are seeking out local community initiatives or businesses specializing in furniture refinishing and restoration services. 

If you find yourself seeking bespoke furniture that can be promptly delivered to your doorstep, sparing you from prolonged waiting periods for quotations, we have a solution for you. 
Are you considering updating the existing furniture in your home? Whether for aesthetic or functional reasons, our services cater to your specific needs. 
Perhaps you possess a cherished family heirloom that doesn't align with your current taste, yet you feel reluctant to part ways with it. Allow us to assist you in transforming this piece to harmonize with your present style while preserving its sentimental value. 

If you're struggling to find a particular furniture style that perfectly suits your preferences, we are equipped to create customized pieces tailored to your exacting requirements. 
With Handmade Home Co.'s "Commission Request" service, customers can request a custom piece of furniture from any artist on our platform. For customers who have furniture at home that needs refinishing, or are looking for a more affordable & eco-friendly solution to purchasing brand new, this is an excellent option. Furthermore, our artists can source out a specific piece and refinish it to the customers specifications! 

We offer live shipping rates at checkout, free local pickup, and artist drop-off services for every single listing.

Handmade Home Co. empowers customers to actively contribute to local economies by selecting from a diverse array of products crafted by independent artists and businesses. Our commitment to promoting these artisans allows you to acquire premium, one-of-a-kind furniture of exceptional quality at remarkably affordable prices. 

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Handmade Home Co. was founded to help furniture artists, woodworkers, and home decor creators sell their work online. In 2018, I began flipping furniture for my own apartment and quickly realized how lucrative this "hobby" could be! I spent the first couple of years doing custom furniture requests, and eventually branched out to purchasing inventory to flip and list for sale. I had a very difficult time trying to find the most effective places to list my work. 
As a response to this challenge, I established a distinguished marketplace focusing on handcrafted home furnishings. Our platform prohibits haggling, offers a transparent and straightforward fee structure, and extends a comprehensive range of services vital to empowering small businesses in their journey to success. Artists can create their own "Shop" pages to tell customers about their business and showcase their work. There are custom commission requests avialable directly on our website. We handle all of the confusing aspects of shipping, marketing & advertising for our artists, providing them with more time to focus on their craft. 
By listening carefully to artists, Handmade Home Co. is constantly developing solutions for the challenges they face in general marketplaces. As a company, we take pride in our proactive approach to understanding, learning, and implementing the most efficient and cost-effective services for our artists' benefit. 
With the rise of Amazon and their Prime Delivery offering 1–2-day shipping, consumers are now expecting either free shipping services, insanely fast ship times, and delivery rates & times displayed at checkout. Providing these services at checkout is key to maximizing customer satisfaction, but most artists do not have the resources to configure that on their own. 
At check-out, we provide customers with live rates & ship times for this reason. We also give our artists the option of offering “free local pickup” & “artist drop off” at a pre-determined cost. We collaboratively explore the viability of "free shipping" for specific items, mutually agreeing on its implementation based on the benefits it could yield for both the artist and the customer. 

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