Buyer FAQs

We finally have a space to buy handmade home furnishings! 

Each artist offering items on our platform has been hand-picked by us for their accomplished skills and their unique artistic vision. Each time you order from HHC, you can feel confident knowing that each item is carefully curated with quality materials while also helping someone's business & dreams grow!

We have safe payment systems and an easy-to-understand return policy. Our seamless shipping options give you access to artisans from all over Canada and USA. Or, if you don’t like dealing with tracking packages and deliveries, we also have a pick-up option available, so that you can shop locally with all the conveniences of our site.

Each artist has their own unique design style. From modern furnishings to farmhouse, rustic, contemporary, boho - you name it our artists can produce it!  

Handmade Home Co. artists are known for their amazing abilities to refinish & restore furniture, handcraft art & decor items all while providing affordable pricing.

We hope to be the leading furniture/home furnishing marketplace in the future! 

We sell hand-crafted, refinished, restored, custom-made furniture and home decor & accessories of all kinds. Our one-of-a-kind pieces will help you to bring your unique home design visions to life! 

Do you have a piece of furniture at home that is in need of a refresh? 

Is there a family heirloom that you would love to display if only it matched your style?

Have you been searching for a specific piece but just cant find what you're looking for? 

Reach out to one of our talented artists today to request a Custom Commission!

Next time you think of affordable & unique home furnishings, think of Handmade Home Co.

Some examples: Handmade Kitchen & Dining Furniture, Living Room Furniture, Bedroom Furniture, Blankets, Outdoor Furniture, Handcrafted Home Decor and Accessories, Floating Shelves, Handmade Wooden Signs & Clocks, Handcrafted Candles, and more!

And if you’re interested in learning how to make home décor products yourself, check out our Youtube Channel.

Learn how to flip furniture, do at-home DIY projects, and so much more!

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Refinishing an item means giving it a new look, perhaps by changing its colour or even its function. Restoring an item means bringing it back to its original state, using the same supplies as were used originally, or as close as possible to the original supplies.

CHANGE to DO artists have to paint or finish the bottoms or backs of pieces?

Finishing the bottoms and back sides of pieces such as dressers or cabinets is expensive in both products and time. Many of these areas are not seen and it is simply not worth the cost to the artists to finish them. Some artists do choose to finish these areas, so be sure to check the listing details before purchase to be clear on what is being provided.

Each artist oversees their pricing. Factors that go into the price include the hours/time spent on a project, the number of repairs needed, the cost of purchase, and the products used. Even the location of an artist can make a difference.

Location has a lot to do with pricing for many products in the world, and handmade furniture and home décor are no different. Taxes, cost of living, demand, purchase price, and many other variables factor into the cost.

No. As with the majority of shops and the majority of online retailers, the pricing you see here is final. While individual Vendors have the discretion to lower their prices, this is not an expected part of the HHC experience.

You can find the Request Form at the bottom of our homepage in the footer under "Custom Commission". 

Once you click on the “Custom Commission” button you can fill out a form with your specific requests. Please be clear in your description and provide all of the information as accurately as you can. 

This will ensure you get an accurate quote and maintain a good working relationship with your artist. Your artist will further explain to you the purchasing process once you have finalized your plan. 

It is within each artist's discretion to deny or accept your project request. Keep in mind that artists already have prior projects and commitments. 

When you reach out with a commission request, it is essential to let the artist know how quickly you would like the work done, so that they can determine whether that is feasible for them or not.

You will make the purchase through the platform once your project is completed to ensure safe payment systems are used while also allowing you to use our shipping services!

You can request for an artist to refinish/restore a piece of your personal furniture, handcraft furniture, source a piece for you and refinish it, whatever you can imagine.

Don't forget about home decor! You can order custom tapestries/macrame, art, signs, coasters, candles, blankets, and more. 

We have set up live calculated rates at check-out to provide our customers with the most accurate shipping rates.

This means that you will see instant ship times & rates at check out. 

When you make an order through HHC, the shipping preferences that the artist offers will display at checkout. 

If the artist does not offer shipping carrier delivery, this option will not be available.

We are currently using Canada Post, UPS, and FedEx.

Artists have an option when creating a listing to incorporate free local pickup. Simply make your purchase on the HHC website as usual, and select “local pickup” as your delivery source. 

After your purchase is complete, the artist will contact you directly to go over details such as their address and pick-up times.

*We do not accept returns on items purchased in person, so be sure to take a good look at your item before purchasing.

*We do not accept returns on items purchased in person, so be sure to take a good look at your item before purchasing.

*We do not accept returns on items purchased in person, so be sure to take a good look at your item before purchasing.

Artists pre-determine the distance and price in which they are willing to travel to deliver a piece to you. 

Pay attention to the artists' location which is displayed just above the "Add to Cart" button on the product you are looking to purchase.

When you check out after adding an item to your cart - as long as you are within the radius the artist is willing to travel, a “drop off” option should be available to you.

If you do not live within the radius the artist is willing to travel, you cannot/should not select the “drop off” option. 

For example, the artist is willing to travel 100km distance from their home to a client's destination, for a total of $100.

If you live within this radius, you can select the drop-off option.

You may have certain statutory rights to cancel your order under applicable provincial consumer protection laws and the Company will respect all such applicable laws. In addition to these statutory rights, returns of Goods purchased on the Platform and Services are governed by the Company’s return policy. You agree to review this section and print and retain a copy for your records.

You can submit a Return Request form as long as your claim does not fall under our Excluded Reasons for return.

If the Refund Conditions are met, and the Claim is not based on an Excluded Reason, the artist shall send a pre-paid shipping label to the you, who will then be responsible for mailing the Goods back to the artist. After the artist receives the Goods and determines that the Goods are in the same condition as was delivered to you, you may receive up to a full refund (on the card you used to purchase the Goods) of the Purchase Price excluding any taxes and shipping costs (the “Refund).

Excluded Reasons (the “Excluded Reason”)

You acknowledge and agree that the Goods are handmade items and may vary slightly from any photographs listed. You are responsible for reading descriptions carefully. To discuss and/or clarify any additional information, after the you place an order, you can also contact the artist.

Excluded Reasons include (but are not limited to) Claims based on the fact that:

• Goods were damaged by delivery carrier; 

• Goods were received after the delivery date (as listed on the Platform and Services) due to delivery delays; 

• Goods that although were accurately described by a Merchant, do not meet the Subscriber’s requirements or needs; 

• the cost of the delivery fee was inaccurate or too high; or  

• portions of the Goods that were not intended to be painted or finished (including, without limitation, the underside or the backside of the Goods) are not painted or finished.  

Conditions for Refund (the “Refund Conditions”). To receive any refund, you (the client) must fulfill the following conditions:

• You must start the process to return the Goods to the Merchant within seven (7) days of making their claim (the “Return Request”). This Return Request must include a detailed description of the Goods as well as photographs of the Goods (among other information) and must be submitted to the Company; 

• The Company, after receiving the Return Request, shall, in its sole discretion, approve, ask for more information, or reject the Return Request. If the Company rejects the Return Request, the decision is final. If the Company requests for more information (for example: better photographs), the information must be submitted to the Company before the return process can go on (“Company Approval Process”);   

• the Goods must be in the same condition as they were delivered to the Subscriber in;   

• Goods must not have been purchased by the Subscriber in person; and 

• Payment must have been made in accordance with section 3 of Schedule “A” (Payment Terms). 

Please view our Return Policy here

We are putting our focus on Canada and USA for our first year of business. 

If you are an artist or customer looking to purchase from us and you live outside of Canada and USA - you can email us at to ask us to quote you a price to have an item delivered to you!

We have big plans to expand our services to EUR, UK, and AUS, but we need to get the North American business perfected first. 

Making a purchase with Handmade Home Co. is easy!

When browsing for an item on our website, be sure to carefully read the listing description of the item. This could tell you important information about the piece you are buying.

If you wish to read more about the vendor you plan on purchasing from, click on the artists' Shop Name which is displayed under the title of the product you are looking to purchase.  

Once you have chosen your item you will be able to check out and decide on your preferred shipping method.

The delivery options you see at checkout are dependent on what each artist has decided to offer for their products.

We offer shipping carrier delivery, artist drop-off & free local pickup.

Vendor FAQ's

We pride ourselves on the quality of work that we provide to our customers and require high standards of craftsmanship from our Vendors. 

All painted and stained areas must be sealed with a clear coat, polyurethane, varnish, wax, oil, etc. 

All furniture creators sand their paint lightly between coats, or after the final coat of paint, to ensure that there are no bumps, drips, or fluff left behind. The only exception to this rule would be if you are creating a textured piece or using a cross-hatch painting technique. 

As my grandfather used to say “do a job, do it right.” and that is what we expect from our artists here at Handmade Home Co. 

We expect to see quality photos in your listings which means to have the area you are photographing to be well lit with some staging materials. 

"I understand that it is also my responsability to help promote any listing that I have posted with HHC, and will do so to ensure my clientele are aware of my items being listed on a new platform.

We created Handmade Home Co. to give artists and creators the comfort and confidence to price their work as they see fit. 

When creating and selling any goods you should always take into consideration the cost of materials and time spent on the project.

Be confident when pricing your work!

You are the artist and you should never feel bad about the value you place on your work.

Things to take into consideration when pricing your work:

Money spent on products/inventoryTime spent (charge an hourly wage)What price do these style/type of items sell online in your areaPacking Materials 

No, you do not have to sell with us exclusively. However, we do ask that the items you list on our platform be sold solely through our platform. 

Items that are not listed on our platform can be sold in any way you wish. Remember, the more items you sell on our platform the faster you will progress in our Tier system, giving you access to awesome incentives and higher revenue! 

The reason for this is that a lot of time and money goes into every listing you have posted with us. 

Here are some of the things our team takes care of from the back end for every single listing you see:

• Configure each individual product with shipping

• Categorize them into box size groups

• Ensure the items are showing in your Vendor Shop & Correct categories

• Edit/Spell check the information written in the descriptions + change font sizes

• Edit/brighten and/or re-size any photos that aren't in the correct format

• Ensure your products are showing the correct location for local purchases

• Enter in all your specific shipping preferences; Shipping Carrier Delivery, Local Pickup, and Artist Drop Off.

• Upload the individual products to Google, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest & TikTok

• Schedule and promote the products on our social media pages

• Send out E-Newsletters to Subscribers with your product info

• Run Ads with photos of your products

As a company, the only time we will know to delete your products on our platforms would be if they are sold with us. 

If you sell that piece elsewhere, we will not be aware of the sale and your product will stay live in all our shops and potentially on our Ads. 

At Handmade Home Co we must pay our team to configure every item on our website. As a small business, we cannot afford to pay our team to configure products that will not be sold with us. We hope that you can understand this as a small business owner as well. 

An example: You bring a dresser to a consignment shop to sell it there. 

A couple of weeks pass by, and your neighbor decides they want to purchase that dresser from you. You would not be permitted to show up to the consignment shop and take it away to sell directly to your neighbor. 

You would have to tell your neighbor that if they would like to purchase that piece from you, they would have to purchase it through the consignment shop.  If they would like to purchase a piece directly from you, they would have to choose an item that is not listed with a shop. 

Keep in mind that the entire idea behind HHC is to get artists' work off the haggling/thrifting platforms, and to redirect buyers to a platform dedicated to home furnishings - where all your artistry, pricing, and work are truly valued.  

Thank you so much for all your dedication in taking the time to apply, learn and upload your products! None of this would be possible without all your amazing artistry and trust in this Marketplace. 

The Vendor acknowledges that the Company incurs expenses to list the Vendor’s products on its Platform. In recognition of this, the Vendor agrees to give the Company an exclusive listing on its products for 90 days from the first day a product appears on the Company’s Platform. The Vendor shall provide an initial $75 refundable deposit at the time of its first listing, as assurance that it will respect the exclusivity period. If the Vendor removes an item from the Platform within 90 days of its first appearance on the Platform, the deposit shall be forfeited and shall be the rightful property of the Company. The initial deposit shall be held by the Company for the duration of the Parties’ relationship, and shall be refunded to the Vendor upon termination of their relationship, as long as there has been no breach of the exclusivity term immediately before termination of the relationship.
If a Vendor’s initial deposit has been forfeited, the Vendor may continue to list items on the Platform with prepayment of a $75 per item deposit. If an item is sold on the Platform or if the 90-day exclusivity period expires on that item, the deposit for that item shall be refunded to the Vendor. If an item is withdrawn from the Platform within the 90-day exclusivity period, the deposit for that item shall be forfeited and shall be the rightful property of the Company.
If a Vendor violates the exclusivity requirement three times, the Company may, in its discretion, suspend or terminate this Agreement with the Vendor.

You can find this part of the agreement in the Vendor Terms. Schedule A, #3.


Handmade Home Co. Will only hold a total of a $75 deposit until termination of the working relationship. 

If you do not break the exclusivity rule, you will only provide a one time $75 deposit which will be refunded to you at the time of termination of the working relationship.

If you break the exclusivity rule, you will not be refunded the $75 deposit, and will need to provide a $75 deposit per listing going forward.

Anyone who has broken the rule and provides an additional $75 deposit for each item, will receive their additional deposits back after the 90-day exclusivity period on the item, or if the item is sold on the platform (and the rules have not been broken).


Example 1:

You list three items with Handmade Home Co. on April 1.

On July 1, a customer asks to buy one item from you directly, so you remove it from Handmade Home Co.’s Platform and sell it to your direct customer. There is no impact on your deposit, because the 90-day exclusivity period had already expired on July 1. As long as you do not remove any items during their 90-day exclusivity period, you will receive your $75 deposit back upon the end of your relationship with Handmade Home Co.

Example 2:

You list three items with Handmade Home Co. on April 1.

On May 1 you remove one item from Handmade Home Co.’s Platform so that you can sell it directly to a customer. You have broken the exclusivity rule. This means your $75 deposit will be forfeited, and you will have to pay an additional $75 deposit for each of the remaining two items listed with Handmade Home Co. If one of your other items sells on Handmade Home Co.’s Platform, your $75 deposit for that item will be refunded to you upon sale of the item. If the third item remains on Handmade Home Co.’s Platform after the 90-day exclusivity period or if it is removed from Handmade Home Co.’s Platform after the 90-day exclusivity period, your $75 deposit will be refunded. You will still need to provide a $75 deposit for each item you list in future (because you broke the rule).

There is no minimum. But if your account stayed vacant with no activity for 6 months in a row, your profile would be deactivated and you would have to re-apply to become a Vendor, as is usual with many platforms.

Sell on a platform that makes sense to your industry. 

Stop getting your listings lost in hundreds of pages with irrelevant products.  

Sell on a high-end marketplace to match the quality of your work.

Set Pricing - no more haggling!!

Get recognition for YOUR brand. 

Make things easier for YOU & your customers.

Expand your brand with our "Custom Commissions" service.

Customers can order custom work directly from you!

You focus on your craft and we’ll handle the tough stuff!  

We want to make a bigger, better reality for independent artisans creating home furnishings by offering a platform where the shipping is handled for you, the fees aren’t astronomical and everything is easy to understand.

We have carefully thought through every service that we offer to make this process as seamless as possible for you and your customers. 

The shipping system can take months to properly learn and understand. 

Why make thousands of small business owners have to learn this skill themselves?

Handmade Home Co. will handle the shipping for you, all you have to do is enter the proper weight and dimensions when creating a listing and pack up your item for delivery. 

No more waiting around for 1-2 weeks to give your customer a shipping quote - just for them to say it is too high and leave everyone feeling disappointed.

When it comes to shipping furniture, we are always working towards the best solutions. 

We offer instant shipping rates & times at check out.

We offer artist drop-off and free local pickup. 

We do not reprimand our artists for things that are outside of their control.

We do not force you to produce a certain amount of listings to stay with us.

This is a collaboration! You run your business the way you want to, and we will be here to help take some of the business stress off of your shoulders.

As a thank you for continuing to sell with us we offer many incentives and an increase in revenue based on your sales volume. 

Aren’t you excited to finally sell on a platform that makes sense? 

Your percentage of the sales price depends on which of the three Tiers you are assigned to.

That assignment is based on the number of quarterly sales that you have. 

Our Fee rages from 36% of the sale price to 26%. 

Every Quarter you will be sent an email outlining your Tier Ranking. 

Apply to become a Vendor for more information.

What amount do I claim on my taxes?

For income taxes, each artist only needs to claim the amount they made from each sale on this platform.

Handmade Home Co. handles the rest, as we are responsible to remit the tax paid by the customer to the Govt.

Our fees help us keep this platform running. Without these fees, we would not be able to promote you and your business.

Every month HHC has to pay for marketing & advertising, website maintenance & upkeep, vendor account setups, specific shipping settings for each product, SEO, social media content & content, transaction fees, Shopify fees, PayPal fees, and all the other expenses to keep Handmade Home Co. up and running.

The fees you pay compare very favorably to most other ways of selling and ensure that we can provide you with the best service and experience possible.

We’ve made our fees easy to understand so that you will never be confused about what your charges will be. This allows our artists to keep track of their books much easier. 

We had spoken to our consultants about lowering our fee, but after running the numbers the only way to make that possible would be for the company (HHC) to lessen our services.

Handling the shipping, marketing & advertising for our artists are some of the key things that set us apart from the competition. Not to mention that those services all hold such high value when executed properly. 

It is a little unorthodox for companies to handle all of these aspects of the business for their Vendors, especially without asking for a monthly fee or an upfront charge of some sort. 

I was and still am very adamant that I will run this business in a way that allows people from all different walks of life to be able to participate in this creative community.

After many months of business planning & evaluating, the only way to make all of that a reality was to structure our fee the way that we do.

Apply to become a Vendor for more information.

When posting a listing on our platform, you can select to have your product shipped (at no additional cost to you) and/or Artist Drop Off and/or Free Local Pick-Up.

Entering accurate weight and dimensions for your products will allow buyers to see determined shipping carrier rates at checkout. 

Once they select which shipping method they would like to use, they will pay and finalize their order.

Once an order has gone through on the platform, someone from Handmade Home Co. will reach out to you to go over the exact dimensions+weight of your piece and note when you would like to schedule the “pickup” with the shipping carrier.

Handmade Home Co. will process the shipments and send you the label via email. 

All you have to do is wrap up your piece and print off the shipping label & invoice!

If something arises and you need to change your scheduled pickup time, you will need to contact the shipping carrier directly with your order number to let them know about the change.

If you wish to allow local buyers to pick up their items directly from you, you can offer this as one of your shipping options. It requires no extra work for you and still allows you to sell locally to those willing to come and pick up their item. Once an order is finalized, you will contact the buyer directly to arrange the pickup, go over your address, times, and any other info the buyer will need to come and pick the piece up from you.

We are able to offer “drop-offs” if all of the limitations are pre-determined by each artist. 

If you would like to list an item with an option for “drop-off” this means you will have to determine the distance in which you are willing

to travel from your home and the cost associated with that.

For example, you are willing to travel 100km from your home to deliver a piece to a customer for a total of $80.

If a customer makes an order and falls within the pre-determined distance, you will have to deliver the piece to that customer for the price you quoted. The price is not subject to change after an order has been made, so be sure to go over all of the costs associated with your delivery.

Perhaps you need to rent a truck, hire a friend, spend a lot in gas and sure to take everything into consideration when deciding your “drop off” price. You will be paid the full drop-off amount charged to the customer.

You will be notified by email with any commission requests for your store. 

We have created the Commission Request Form to be as descriptive as possible, asking customers to provide you with the most information possible.

It is fully at your discretion whether to accept or deny a custom project request.

If you accept a request and you have solidified a price and plan with your client, you will then create a new listing on the website as you normally would, and the buyer will purchase the item. That way the shipping and payment are still done safely through the platform, leaving you and your buyer at ease.

Upon receipt of a return notice by a customer, HHC will review the request to ensure it falls within our Return Policy. HHC can deny or accept any return request.

We made this return policy to specifically protect our artists from scammers and to protect our customers from receiving low-quality work. 

If the request is accepted, you (the artist) will be notified by email. You will then need to provide and pay for a shipping label and send it to your customer to have them return your item to you. Once you receive your item and confirm that it is in the same condition you sent it out in, then we will issue the refund to the card used by the customer. 

You, the Artist, acknowledge and agree that the Company shall not be liable to you for your Revenue in connection with the sale of the Returned Goods.  

Please see our Return Policy here for more information.

We recommend Liability Insurance when selling goods on any platform. 

HHC does not take any ownership or liability for orders made through the platform.

Without insurance, business owners may have to pay out-of-pocket for costly damages and legal claims against their company.

Here is a recommendation for a great company

Not all artists will be accepted as Handmade Home Co. Vendors. There is an application and acceptance process, as found on our Become a Vendor page. 

Please provide links to your social media pages and clear, well-lit photos when submitting your Application. We look forward to welcoming you to our community!

We ask for your Business PayPal email address when you are applying to become a Vendor to ensure that we have all of the proper information needed to create your Vendor Accounts from the back-end of the website. All Vendors are paid through their Business PayPal Account. So, getting this information first means that if you are accepted onto the platform your account will be fully set up and ready for you to begin listing your products ASAP!

You will be notified via email once someone has purchased your product through the HHC website. Once you create “Fulfill” your order, your payment will be processed and sent to your Business PayPal account.

We are putting our focus on Canada and USA for our first year of business. 

If you are an artist or customer looking to purchase from us and you live outside of Canada and USA - you can email us at to ask us to quote you a price to have an item delivered to you.

We have big plans to expand our services to EUR, UK & AUS, but we need to get the North American business perfected first!

You will be automatically notified by email when someone has purchased one of your products. 

Refer to the Vendor Onboarding Package for more information. 

Our team has to manually configure each individual product on the website to ensure it is displaying the proper shipping rates & preferences at checkout. 

This could take up to 48 hours depending on the time you uploaded the product.

You must ensure to check off the "REQUIRES SHIPPING" box when creating a listing, otherwise, the logistics team is not notified of your new listing.