DIY Bunny Napkins - Event Tablescapes

You've probably seen these cute napkins at the decoration shop and marveled at the creativity behind them. These bunny napkins are certainly elegant & eye-catching and we promise you creating them does not cost a fortune! You can easily tie up these cuties without being a guru at DIY.

To make DIY Easter bunny napkins, the only supplies you need are a few fabric napkins of your choice, jute string or napkin rings, and some decorative eggs or wooden beads to make your bunny feel wholesome. If you don't already have these at home, they cost just a few dollars at the dollar store to purchase!


Begin by placing the square napkin with its seam facing down. 

Fold this into a triangle and then another smaller triangle. 

Roll up the longer side of the triangle and fold the top point up to 2 inches. 

Ensure this point is now tucked into the rolled-up part. 

Bend the rolled napkin in half and tie it up with a jute string.  

To make the bunny even more decorative, consider adding a craft bead to the string before tying it up. 

If you intend to place painted eggs inside the bent napkin, ensure it's firmly secured with the string.

There you have it! A cute napkin bunny that can go on your table settings or anywhere else you would like to have it displayed in your home. It doesn't cost you so much and is a timeless craft. If you are looking to achieve Minimalist Easter Decor, this idea works perfectly!


The Takeaway

Having a home that suits your taste does not have to be draining if you have the proper knowledge & imagination. All of these ideas are easy and can be done alone or with help from family and friends. Whichever you decide to, remember your home decor can be changed as often as you like. Have some fun and try out multiple little ideas at once to see what works best for you!

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