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We introduce furniture artists & handmade home decor creators to people who enjoy unique, handcrafted furniture and household décor. Every artist deserves to be seen and thrive in their craft, and every person deserves to fill their home with beautiful products that they will truly value.

Meet the artists & check out their beautiful work or order a custom piece of furniture or home decor directly from them!

In need of a custom piece of furniture? Our furniture artists can source a piece of furniture for you, work on a piece you already own, or refinish a piece in their stock to suits your needs!

Looking for a custom sign or piece of home decor? Select one of our "Home Decor" artists to request custom pieces directly from them!

Select the artist you would like to request a custom piece from and fill out the Custom Request Form below. Ensure to include the details about the project (painted, stained, refinished, restored, etc).

One of our staff will be in touch with more information.
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Furniture & Home Décor Creator
Handmade Home Co.

Furniture Artist Founder/CEO of Handmade Home Co.  Toronto, Ontario I am Chanel Kimura and I created this platform to...

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Furniture & Home Décor Creator
Brushed By The Beach

The origin of Brushed by the Beach can be traced back as far as 2007, where I would recreate pieces for both my friends as well as...

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Furniture Artist
Finds Refinished

Nagia Khan - Hello everyone, I am Finds Refinished. I'm a wife and mom to 3 amazing children. I've always enjoyed fixing, painting...

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Furniture Artist
The Woodlands Studio

Like so many people the year 2020 Caused a lot of questioning and curiosity about what really matters in life. I am a huge advocate for...

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Furniture & Home Décor Creator
Reimagined by Jacqueline

Hello, I am Jacqueline Arsovsky, a furniture artist from the Niagara Region in ON, Canada and owner and furniture artist behind...

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Home Décor Creator
Craft Work Pieces

Elisa Gascon
Crafted by hands…
All macrame items are hand crafted by me.

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Furniture Artist
Saved By Sunshine

Based out of Savannah, GA, Saved By Sunshine pairs modern elegance with classic design concepts to create beautiful refurbished furniture...

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Furniture Artist
Oak + Willow Co.

Oak + Willow Co. was formed after my first project for my own home. The project was a set of dining room chairs. It was love at first refinish...

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Home Décor Creator
Delicate Chaos Co.

Truly One Of A Kind Wreaths for All Seasons & Occasions

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Furniture Artist
After 5 Furnished

Furniture can either be directly purchased from our storefront, or you may request a custom piece. We mostly specialize in modern...

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Furniture & Home Décor Creator
Always Time to Craft

Running a home-based business centered around crafting various handmade pieces, including painting, card making, and quilting, offers...

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Home Décor Creator

Hilana Upcycled Cotton

Our textiles are made from recycled material through a zero waste process under the triple impact criteria...

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