Furniture Artist
Markham, Ontario, Canada

Rebecca - @the_woodlands_studio

Rebecca S. Willis

Like so many people the year 2020 Caused a lot of questioning and curiosity about what really matters in life.
I am a huge advocate for mental health and awareness. Having suffered from severe anxiety and depression myself, I questioned what I should do and how I can actually make an impact in this world.
I am a practicing registered nurse, However, I really needed an outlet. One day I perched upon someone painting furniture, and I thought to myself that I could do that too.
So December 2020 I took my old vanity desk and decided to repaint it. I had absolutely no experience or skills or know-hows on how to effectively flip furniture, but I was motivated to try.
9 months later I'm a budding furniture artist who has been a part of an amazing community of men and women who strive to make this world a better place through our Art and reducing landfill waste.
Having this outlet in which my creativity can Spring forth has Made a huge impact on my mental health and well-being.

I feel inspired And encouraged almost daily by the people around me and the clients and customers who value my work. I also have such immense joy when I can impart practical skills and knowledge to others who are learning and growing. It is such an honor to be a part of this furniture world and I hope it's a skill that will continue to grow.

The Woodlands Studio

Rebecca Willis specializes in furniture refinishing services, through woodworking, staining, painting, and more! She is inspired by trending design ideas, her love for light and room brightening pieces, but is also open to clients' inspiration.