Furniture Artist
North York, Ontario, Canada

Chanel - @satisfymydiy

Founder/CEO of Handmade Home Co. Toronto, Ontario

I am Chanel Kimura and I created this platform to help independent creators from Canada & the US sell their handcrafted / re-finished furniture & home decor. We want to showcase all of you amazing artists to people who enjoy unique, handmade one-of-a-kind home furnishings.

When I first started my personal business page @satisfymydiy - I was instantly connected with furniture artists & creators from around the world. I thought it was so cool to be able to connect with so many different people who shared all of their unique design styles & tips! Over the months, I had a pretty hard time selling furniture that wasn’t a commissioned piece or selling directly to people I knew. When I would post on the generic platforms, I would always end up losing money and it wasn’t an enjoyable process. I remember one night I was talking to @emilysflippingfurniture about how there needed to be a platform for all of us to sell our work on…and that is the exact moment that I became obsessed with making this idea a reality.

I remember in the beginning stages of planning this, there were about two weeks straight that I would go on Instagram and see endless stories and posts talking about how people were having a hard time selling their pieces. All different types of artists and creators were saying that they were not getting the respect and amount of money that they deserve on these haggling-style platforms. That is when I knew that all of the work that I was about to pour into this idea was worth it. Having been connected with so many people in this community from all over the world, I knew I needed to make this platform available to as many people as possible. I am so grateful for the artists that have already put their trust, time, and support into the launch of this website and I am SO excited to see where this journey is going to take us all!
I can’t wait to get connected with even more of you amazing artists over time.

Handmade Home Co.

We refinish furniture & home decor. We love working with solid wood pieces. Woodworking is also another hobby we really enjoy - being able to take a scrap piece of wood and turn it into something beautiful and useful is super rewarding!