Refinishing Furniture: The Takeaway

This guide to refinishing furniture would set you on the right track.

Don’t get discouraged when things aren’t going as planned, I can promise you that it happens to every single one of us Creators!

Avoid overcoating materials like paint, stain or the finish. 

It can be easy to think “ugh just add more so I can get this done!” but this method will surely create more work for you in the end. Be patient and try to enjoy the process even if its a little bit confusing at first. Trust me, in time you’ll get the hang of it!

Make sure to read the directions on the products you are using. Watch a few of our Youtube Videos before you get started to give you a better idea of the whole flipping, staining or sanding process:

Finally, maintain a regular cleaning schedule for your refinished piece to help it last longer. I generally just like to use a Swifter duster and microfibre rag with water!

We cannot wait to see what all of you creatives end up making so please tag us or use the hashtag #HandmadeHomeCo. To show us what you’ve been working on!  

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