Sustainable Handmade Home Decor - Glezant Design

Today we are highlighting an artist who creates her very own sustainable handmade home decor, Antonina Glaser.

Antonina Glaser is an Israeli artist who creates eco-friendly gadgets for the home, storage, and accessories for women using all natural materials. Her company is called Glezant Design. Her one-of-a-kind pieces are displayed on her beautiful website.
Antonina Glezant
Antonina uses a combination of handicraft and high-tech technologies such as laser cutting to create her designs. Glezant Design has produced and sold over 2,500 pieces since launching in 2012. The goal of all Antonina’s designs are to be unique, fresh, warm and humorous. 
You can purchase her pieces & support her small business by purchasing directly from her website, or head to Dawanda, A Little Market & Etsy and search for “GLEZANT design”. These pieces are truly unique and will bring a smile to your face!
Antonina writes:
“I could not calmly watch how the veneer of valuable wood species was thrown away. Using my knowledge of chemistry, I created a new veneer-based material. Later I used it to create fun wall stickers for my design items. It was not difficult to study, but very interesting. For the first time in my life, I started doing homework right after it was assigned.”
The Design & DIY community continues to amaze us with their innovative ideas and designs. By partnering with local artists, Handmade Home Co. aims to help save tonnes of materials from reaching landfills each year. In order to solve waste issues, we encourage our artists and community to continue upcycling, refinishing, restoring, and repurposing home furnishings rather than purchasing brand new. 
Handmade Home Co. Is currently able to work with artists in Canada & the USA. We hope to expand our service area in the future, to be able to support artists from all around the world. If you are an artist, take a moment to browse the beautiful furniture & home decor pieces our artists have listed with us, or apply to become a vendor on our website today!