Repurposing & Upcycling Helps Reduce Global Landfill Waste

Refinishing and repurposing furniture is a key way to do our part in helping the global landfill crisis.
Living sustainably is a critical consideration in today's world, where our planet is facing numerous environmental challenges. Repurposing and upcycling materials can be a powerful tool to help reduce waste and live more sustainably.
By giving new life to discarded items and diverting them from landfills, we can conserve resources, reduce pollution, and minimize our ecological footprint. In addition to the environmental benefits, repurposing and upcycling can also spark creativity, promote innovation, and lead to unique and personalized creations. Embracing these practices can not only help us live more sustainably but also bring a sense of fulfillment and purpose as we work towards a better future for our planet.
Instead of throwing things away, try to imagine what those items could be used for in the future.
For example, we had a fully broken dresser. Most of the wood was damaged, and the structure was just beyond repair. It was suggested to us to burn down the materials, but we knew that would be wasteful and not good for the environment.
Instead of throwing it out or burning it, we salvaged all of the drawer slides and pieces that we could use on future projects. We took all of the wood and left it in our garage. About three months later, I decided that I needed some shelving for my office, but I didn't want to spend a lot of money on it.
 The wood pieces we had leftover were the PERFECT solution for our shelving!

We used angled brackets we had leftover and screwed them into the studs. Finally, we attached the wood on top of the bracket to create our shelf.

We did something similar at a clients house. We took her broken down IKEA shelf and repurposed the particle board to make shelving in her pantry.
You would be surprised how keeping random materials, hardware and wood can come in handy for projects around your home!
Our artists have saved 1,000lbs of furniture from reaching landfills in 2022 alone! HHC artists specialize in furniture refinishing and up-cycling, giving new life to old pieces. Their goal is to keep old and unwanted furniture out of landfills while transforming it into something beautiful and unique. Our artists are continuously helping to reduce waste and conserve natural resources.
With HHCs custom commission service, our customers have the option of customizing their own furniture or starting fresh and having a new piece of furniture customized. We offer a wide range of furniture styles and finishes, so you can find the perfect piece for your home or business.
Want to keep your refinishing / up-cycling eco friendly?
Oil based products can be difficult to work with and have high VOC levels. As an oil-based stain dries, the solvents evaporate and release VOCs into the air, contributing to air pollution and a strong solvent smell. These products have been known to cause spontaneous shop fires due the heat that the product releases as it dries, and are not safe to rise down the drain.
Instead, consider using water based products on your furniture refinishing or DIY projects! There are endless options of water based stains, topcoats and paints.
Did you know that you can also use paint as stain? Water it down, apply to the surface and wipe back with a lint free rag!
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