Competition & Market

The Competition

Woodworkers and furniture artists do not have many places to sell their work, whether online or in person.

The free marketplaces don't cater to beautiful, handmade items, leaving artists frustrated dealing with low-ball offers and cancelled pickups. 

In North America, most consignment shops take 50-75% of your total sale price and can discount your work as they see fit. One of the biggest downsides of all these marketplaces is that they do not help artists configure the shipping. This may be ok for an artist selling small pieces such as coasters and ornaments. However, the artists who create large pieces of furniture or art may not be aware of how to generate an instant shipping quote at check-out. With pieces weighing over 60-120 pounds, the shipping configuration becomes much more complicated.

Etsy is our top competitor as they are geared toward selling handmade & handcrafted items in a marketplace setting. However, the high listing fees, oversaturated website, and lack of support with shipping, leave artists feeling confused and irritated. Etsy's services for furniture sellers are not optimized to their full potential. Each artist must configure shipping on their own, which results in long wait times for quotes and misunderstood costs for the consumer. U-SHIP is Etsy's large item delivery partner, however, U-SHIP's services are very limited outside the USA and their trucks are operated by independent contractors, which has raised red flags for both artists and consumers. 

As a result, many artists are left stranded and unsure of how to sell their furniture to a broader market. There is not currently a known marketplace that sells high-quality, artisan, furniture & home decor. 

That is where we come in!

Handmade Home Co. specializes in helping artists sell their work online. We ensure that they have a high-end website to list their high-end pieces on. Each artist can design their own personal shop page. We provide all of our shipping services to our artists at no additional cost. We enabled custom furniture refinishing requests on our website, making it super easy for customers to order custom work directly from you. HHC offers Tier “Add-On” services for those who are looking to amplify their online presence through blog posts, Ads, press releases & more! As part of our Onboarding Package, we provide our artists with free valuable information about our services, shipping, and weighing & measuring their work. 

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The Market

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70% of consumers are abandoning their carts due to lack of convinience - survey 2021.

With the rise of Amazon and their Prime Delivery offering 1–2-day shipping, consumers are now expecting either free shipping services, insanely fast ship times, and delivery rates & times displayed at checkout. Providing these services at checkout is key to maximizing customer satisfaction, but most artists do not have the resources to configure this on their own. HHC ensures that every listing includes either shipping carrier delivery, free local pick-up or artist drop-off.

The Furniture market in Canada is projected to grow by 6.38% (2022-2027) resulting in a market volume of $20.35bn in 2027. According a survey, 72% of women and 66% of men were "very interested" in purchasing environmentally friendly furnishings. 4 out of 10 respondents say they are willing to pay up to 10% more for environmentally friendly furnishings. In every industry, eco-conscious solutions are in high demand, and the home furnishing industry is no exception. 

Every year, artists like you prevent tons of furniture from reaching landfills. Furniture artists, woodworkers & home decor creators provide consumers with customizable options for their pieces, ensuring that consumers receive exactly what they are looking for. There is a growing market for woodworkers, furniture artists, & handmade home decor creators in the home furnishings industry!

HHC is eager to onboard more artists, so that this platform can become the staple for consumers to purchase handmade home furnishings, all while supporting independent artists!