Branded Stickers & Business Cards

StickerCanada is a Canadian-based business helping businesses expand their brand with custom stickers, business cards & product tags!
The stickers that we received from Sticker Canada arrived perfectly packaged. The stickers are of high quality. The material is durable and long-lasting. The stickers are exactly the size, design & material that we wanted! 
Handmade Home Co. loves using branded stickers to add that extra touch to our orders. We find that branded stickers make each order feel that much more professional/personalized. In the future, we plan to order more stickers from Sticker Canada with our business barcode on them, and add them to cups at our in-person event! That way our guests can easily gain access to our website & other important information. 
Sticker Canada offers many different styles, materials & sizes for their stickers & business cards, so you will never feel stuck when creating your designs. My personal favourites are the “Hologram Stickers” & “Kraft Paper Stickers”.


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Sticker Canada offers fast, free shipping within Canada. The order process is seamless, and the staff is readily available to answer any of your questions or concerns. 

Head to their website today to order a set for your company!